Forks delivers the impossible by integrating with all Windows-based point-of-sale platforms, covering over 95 percent of the POS landscape.

Simple Mobile Integration with Forks OpenPOS

Mobile apps can increase a restaurant’s average guest check (AGC) by 30%

Forks seamlessly integrates with all apps, regardless of onsite point-of-sale systems, for rapid deployment of mobile ordering and connected loyalty applications.
Customers are skipping the line. Mobile ordering with the Starbucks app now accounts for 27% of all sales. (Q4, 2016)
Forks for Restaurants
Forks A La Carte
Automate mobile ordering and engagement apps on all laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices to enhance speed and service. Forks builds custom integrated mobile solutions, in addition to integrating existing mobile apps. No downtime.
Rapid Return on IT Investment
Improve the return on your existing point-of-sale investment. Forks software only solution is 100% compatible with all Windows-based systems. (Linux coming soon.) ROI averages 6 months.
Deeper Engagement. Anytime. Anywhere.
Retarget existing customers. Reach new ones instantly on their smartphones, iPads, and laptops. Forks serves up unique digital loyalty and push marketing apps. Fast and easy.
Business Intelligence: Data Snapshots
Capture and proactively use data to improve operations. Gain insights into customer purchasing decisions in near real-time. Forks provides central data feedback across all of mobile initiatives. Snapshot by hours, days, or months.

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